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The political marketing & advertising agency that equips you with the message, media & materials you need to win.

Your one-stop shop political marketing agency

Get everything you need to Kickstart Your Campaign.

We help Republicans, non-partisan candidates, and those working ballot initiatives to clarify their message & get the word out.

Political campaign marketing firm

Clear messaging

We’ll help you clarify and communicate your message so that your community understands how voting for you will make life better for them.

Website design and digital media firm for Republican political candidates

Digital media

We’ll design your logo, build your website, provide guidance for setting up a fundraising platform, and show you how to use social media on the campaign trail.

Political campaign advertising firm

Campaign materials

We’ll create the push cards, t-shirts, letterhead, notecards, yard signs, and road signs you need to maximize visibility in your community.

Want to know more? Tell us about your campaign:

Political advertising agency that equips political candidates with everything they need to win

When I ran for office, Kickstart provided the marketing strategies and materials I needed, from helping me develop my talking points to the best-designed mail I’ve ever seen. I attribute my campaign success to them!

The Honorable Austin Reeve Jackson

District Court Judge

Political marketing services, packages, & pricing

The message, media, and materials you need to win.

So you have the passion and drive to improve your community… Now what?

Develop the right talking points

Develop the right talking points

A political campaign is only as good as its message. We’ll work with you to create a winning script.

Political campaign logo design


Make a great first impression.

Political campaign website design


The digital home of your political campaign.

Political campaign push cards

Push card

On-the-go information for your campaign.
Social media setup for political campaigns

Social Media Setup

Often your first impression with voters.

Political campaign notecards


A personal touch goes a long way.
Political campaign letterhead


Fold, stuff, stamp, repeat. The tried and true outreach effort.
Political campaign yard signs

Yard signs

Let supporters take a stand for you.
Political campaign road signs

Road signs

Don’t let voters pass you by!
Political campaign how-to guides

How-to Guides

Take the guesswork out of your campaign.

Kickstart Your Campaign pricing

Total cost: $10,000*

The one-time investment that delivers everything you need to Kickstart Your Campaign.

* Price does not include print, postage, or subscription fees.


(starting at $500)
Political campaign targeted letter package

Media/Debate Prep

Don’t just wing it. With one-on-one media coaching, you’ll be equipped to share your message with confidence.
Political campaign 3-piece mail campaign


Everything from political postcards to personal letters to your neighbors.
Social media posts for political campaigns

Social Media

Social media posts that will connect with your voters.

Political marketing strategy firm that knows what it takes for you to get elected

Thanks to Kickstart Your Campaign’s clear, targeted marketing strategies, our community understood our message and voted to pass the bond our school district needed.

James Wansley

WISD Strong Bond


Get answers.

Do you work with all political parties?

No. In partisan races, we only work with Republican (GOP) candidates.

Do you work in non-partisan races & ballot initiatives?

Yes. We work in non-partisan races and on ballot initiative campaigns.

What is a non-partisan race?

Many local elections, like City Council, are non-partisan. It means that the candidate is not affiliated with a political party.

Would you also work my competitor?

No. Once we establish a working relationship with you, we will not work with your competitor(s).

Do you print the materials for me?

We offer this service, but we’re also happy to work with your local printer or another printer of your choice. It’s entirely up to you!

The political advertising agency that knows how to win

Losing sucks. Hire us instead.

We’ve helped people win just about every kind of political campaign—from city council to U.S. Congress, school bonds to judicial candidates, and everything in between. And in every campaign, there are lots of marketing materials to pull together. But don’t stress! As your one-stop shop political ad agency, we’ll transform your values and benefits into a crystal clear message that resonates with your voters. Then, we’ll design all of the marketing materials you’ll need to get started.

And after the initial Kickstart package, you can add printing, mailers, social media graphics, and more.

Political marketing firm that removes the guesswork from your campaign

The first time I ran for office, I wasn’t sure where to begin. Kickstart took the guesswork out of political marketing and laid the groundwork for a win.

Aaron Martinez

School Board Member

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