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How To Win A School Bond Election

Jun 30, 2023

School bond elections are critical for securing funding for school districts to improve facilities, expand resources, and enhance student success. Winning a school bond election requires a strong strategy, effective communication, and community engagement. In this post, we will explore key strategies to help you increase your chances of winning a school bond election.

1. Understand the Needs

To gain support from voters, you need to clearly communicate the school district’s needs and priorities and show that the bond will address those needs. Doing a deep analysis of the propositions and making sure you understand why they are necessary, how much they will cost, and how they will affect the community will help you develop a compelling case about the direct benefits of the bond.  

2. Build a Strong Team

Forming a strong team is crucial to winning a school bond election. Collaborate with parents, students, community leaders, administrators, teachers, and local organizations who are interested in helping improve education. Together, you should develop a strategic plan to spread your message to the community.

3. Develop Your Message

You will garner support for the bond by crafting a clear and concise message that tells the community why the bond is important. Highlight the specific improvements that will be made to the school, such as modernized classrooms, upgraded technology, enhanced safety measures, and expanded extracurricular opportunities.

4. Educate the Public

Misinformation and lack of awareness can be significant obstacles in winning a school bond election. It is important that your message is clear and easily understandable and that you spread your message as much as possible. Always address concerns, provide accurate information, and emphasize the positive impact the bond will have on the quality of education and property values within the district. Make sure you utilize multiple forms of communication, such as social media, direct mail, and community meetings, to reach a wide range of voters. 

5. Mobilize Your Supporters

Winning a school bond election requires a strong group of supporters and volunteers committed to the bond’s success. You can mobilize this group of supporters by creating groups to canvas neighborhoods, distribute informational materials, and engage in one-on-one conversations with voters. Your team can also organize rallies and community forums to energize supporters and build excitement around the campaign.

6. Get Out the Vote

Voter turnout is key. Make sure you have a comprehensive get-out-the-vote plan that includes targeted voter outreach, final direct mail pushes, canvassing, phone banking, and more. Your volunteers and supporters should be informed about voting times and locations, and they should convey that information to potential voters.

Winning a school bond election requires a well-executed strategy that combines thorough planning, effective communication, and community engagement. By understanding the needs of your school district, building a strong team, and implementing an informed and comprehensive campaign, you can increase your chances of success. The ultimate goal is to provide better educational opportunities for students and create a positive impact within your community.


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